Marvin L. Venay, Designer

A life-long admirer of fashion once described by The Boston Phoenix as one of Beacon Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People, Marvin L. Venay was inspired by an era when garments were known as “vines” and “threads”.

the Venay square was born out of a passion to return to the days when what a man wore told you a little bit about his character and harkens back to a time when a gentleman wouldn’t leave the house without his suspenders, a sharp crease in his trousers and a fresh shoeshine. Marvin recognizes that classic looks never die but should be updated with a modern touch. This mantra and his unique sense of style serve as the impetus for this must-have accessory—one that offers the nostalgia of your grandfather’s era, but that is definitely not your grandfather’s pocket square.

the Venay square is hand-made from a variety of textile fabrics, and blends, including cotton, corduroy, denim, linen, and leather. the Venay square is constructed with detailed color stitching and distinguished patterns of houndstooth, paisley, art abstracts, polka dots, floral prints, and solids. Simple, elegant, sophisticated, and polished, each square is beautifully designed to create conversation. It’s an understated accent that reveals a hidden strength and confidence, and is conveniently fitting for both business and social occasions.

You can’t compete unless you stand out from the crowd—in style. Let the Venay square help you do so today.